Thursday, January 12, 2012

52 in 1: WEEK 34 - empty house

I'm typing this post on my phone with no wifi, laying on the floor of the living room because every last piece of furniture we own is packed up in a moving truck. Well, other than the lovely air mattress that we will be slumbering on tonight. Yesterday and today was spent totally clearing out the house, packing boxes, and cleaning. Tomorrow we head out around 5am. I had to say some hard goodbyes in the past few days.

This move is so bittersweet.


  1. there is something so spooky/sentimental/heartbreaking about an empty house that you have lived in and filled up with your life for so long. luckily the magic is in yall and not the building!

  2. Ohhh friend. I know it's been a long week! Excited that now you are beginning to fill up your NEW empty. I know you're going to make it beautiful and wonderful.

  3. ahhh! may your move be smooth and such a wonderful step for you.