Tuesday, December 13, 2011

be still

I am just going nuts. More in my mind than anything, but no matter how many lists I make or how extensively I plan, I am overwhelmed by how much I have to do in the next week. Christmas cards, finish buying/making gifts, sending out both, packaging orders, blog posts (I'm so behind it's laughable), packing for the trip to NY for Christmas, trying to tidy up my disaster house, emails, and the usual daily activities and chores. So, this morning, I forced myself to just SIT with my kids, take a few pictures and videos of them playing, and just enjoy them.

Housework and duties can always wait... my kids are growing up so fast and that won't wait.

Mac's eyes are just so ridiculously blue... almost violet. I almost never edit my photos (unless they are too dark or to adjust shadows) because I'm too lazy, but sometimes his eye color is so intense I feel like they look almost fake! So I assure you, I'm definitely not ambitious enough to enhance them. :)

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  1. Okay, so I JUST wrote a post eerilly similar to this. I can't wait until I can see you more (in person).