Saturday, September 10, 2011

a Saturday 5K

I figured with the St. Jude Half Marathon coming up in less than 3 months, I had better do a couple of races this fall to get into the groove.  This morning, I participated in a 5K to benefit our town's Special Olympics.

I was so nervous!  I haven't run a race in four years, and I was so jittery beforehand.  I am NOT a morning runner, nor do I run well in heat/bright sunshine.  This morning's race included all of those things.  Yikes! 

Beforehand, feeling jittery but rather cocky and confident.  I was put in my place very quickly!

I started off pretty fast, with my first mile time clocking in at 9:16.  I am so convinced that running is like 75% mental and 25% physical.  I wish I could just turn my brain OFF when I run.  I try hard to get lost in thought about projects or something else I love, instead of yearning for the miles to go by faster or thinking about how hot and dizzy and tired I am feeling.  I started to focus on how many people were passing me and how slow I seemed to be compared to them, and I slowed down even more.  Then the couple taking turns pushing a disabled boy (actually he was probably closer to teen-age, so he must have been pretty heavy) in a stroller passed me and my ego deflated completely.  Then, at about mile 1.5, a huge hill loomed ahead of me.  I pushed up the hill and turned the corner at the top.  The stretch ahead looked pretty flat, so I just kept going, even though I so badly wanted to stop.  The last half mile or so was almost completely downhill, which I was so grateful for.  Ahhh.

I loved seeing Ryan and the kids waiting for me at the finish line.  I slowed down for the last 20 yards or so, so Brynlee could run with me.  She LOVED being able to run in the race and cross the finish line!  I gotta say, it was adorable.

I finished at 32:09, with a 10:21 mile pace.  I wanted to top at around 30:00, but keeping in mind all the factors that were against me, I'm okay with my time.  I did finish 4th in my age group, but there were (ahem) only six women in my age group, so I'm not sure how proud of that ranking I should be.  Haha. 

Sweaty, tired, and so glad to be finished and holding my babies again. And that is Brynlee's "cheese" face, lovely.

I'm hoping to do a few more races before the big one.  It really does feel amazing to cross the finish line, even after a measly 3 miles.  A few of my Finding My Feet team members ran a 10K last weekend (you HAVE to read Keight's post... hilarious and so touching!) and I can't even imagine racing double what I ran this morning.  Plus I have 6.5 to pound out tomorrow to keep up with our training regimen.  At least it helps me not feel so guilty about the huge Chipotle burrito I had for dinner tonight or the yummy Trader Joe's coffee ice cream I just finished off. :)


  1. For sweaty and tired you look pretty darn good Mama. So proud of you!

  2. Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you. I am running my first half marathon in just under one month...i am nervous! I hope I do as well as you did. Been training like crazy!

    your newest follower!

    Classic & Bubbly