Friday, September 16, 2011


I turned 28 yesterday... oh my, that sounds old.  I had a day of nothing planned.  I had cleaned all day Wednesday so I wouldn't feel like I had to on my birthday, plus there is just something so relaxing (to me) about having a spotless house.  I chilled in my pjs with the kids all morning, sipping coffee and watching Super Why with Brynlee.  At 11:30, I heard my doorbell ring a few times.  I figured it was UPS or something, so when I opened the front door I got a surprise: my mom and cousin Mary has driven 3 1/2 hours just to spend my birthday with me!  My mom had driven to Mary's the night before (which is halfway between my parents' house and our house) and lied to me that morning, saying she was "in the car on the way to the hardware store to get stain for the potting shed".  Sneaky!!!  They brought me a beautiful cake, took me and the kids to Chick fil a, which is 45 minutes from us (and so worth it!), and really boosted my spirits.  You see, I am a weirdo and always tend to get a little emotional and down on my birthday (especially since living away from home).  Not sure why, but I've been like that for a long time.  Ryan and I went out to dinner to our favorite place while my sister watched the kids.  It was perfect!

My beautiful cake, which was decorated with vintage birds, of course!

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  1. Happy Birfday Lovie!! Wish we would have been there to celebrate with you. Love you lots.