Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meghan and Adam's wedding

If I could describe Saturday's wedding in one word, it would be flawless. Everything went as planned, and beautifully so. Perfect weather, cooperative flower girl, radiant bride, gorgeous flowers and decorations (done by my mom, of course!), beaming groom, beautiful setting.  No detail went unthought of.  The day didn't go by without a few entertaining surprises for the guests: Adam pulled his iPhone out of his pocket as the pastor announced that they were man and wife, and Adam took a picture of himself and Meghan at the altar with the guests in the background (and of course promptly posted it to Facebook, with the caption "WE'RE MARRIED!!!" underneath). Meghan sang a gorgeous song to Adam during the reception, surprising the guests and, most of all, Adam. Also, the whole bridal party did a fun, surprise choreographed dance. LOVED that!  Rewinding a bit, the bridesmaids threw Meghan a (tame ;) ) bachelorette party on Thursday night.  So fun!  Meghan also wore our great grandmother's (our mom's mom's mom... whew) crystals around her neck for the wedding.  It was her "something old," and was given to our great grandmother as an engagement present from our great grandfather when she was only 17.  My mom even displayed a picture of our great grandma wearing them in her engagement pictures... talk about a special touch.  Brynlee was ecstatic to be the "flowa durl" and walked down the aisle perfectly, strewing rose petals as if she did it everyday.  I was so proud of her.  My MOH speech went well, and the best man's (Adam's brother) speech was hilarious.  We had a blast just celebrating and dancing the night away.  I'm so proud of my beautiful sister and my new brother in law. 

*Special thanks to my sweet Carrie for the beautiful pictures of the ceremony... I don't know what I'd do without you, my friend!*

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