Monday, August 29, 2011

coffee, kids, and haircuts

Last week, Carrie, Alyssa, and I (along with all of our kids) spent a lovely morning at Leah's house. The kids played, the mommas chatted and sipped coffee, and Leah gave Trey and Mac their first haircuts! I was incredibly nostalgic about the whole thing, of course, and was able to salvage a few snippets of Mac's hair to put in his baby book. He is growing up too fast! He also got his first tooth yesterday, and has about five more coming in. He was a miserable, drooling mess today. Poor baby!

I could not be happier with Mac's cut and the boys look just so cute! I love that they have had so many of their firsts so close together. I love that they were born only 10 days apart. Carrie, I can't believe they will be ONE before we know it! Sniff. It's so amazing to watch my kids with my best friends' kids. And, oh boy, do they outnumber us!

There is yet ANOTHER PCB giveaway starting tomorrow... check in soon for info on how to enter!

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