Thursday, August 4, 2011

a beautiful day in Bosty

This week is just getting away from me and I'm not really sure why. All I do know is that I needed to write a new post here so my awkward modeling pictures wouldn't be the first thing that appeared on the top of the page! (PS- I wasn't always so awkward... check out my 4 year old self!)

Anyway, Ryan's brother Justin and his wife Amy made a quick trip out to see us this week, so yesterday we left the kids with an AMAZING babysitter and headed to Boston ("Bosty," as Brynlee used to say) for the day. I've never left Mac all day like that, so I was a bit nervous but it went splendidly. We walked (and walked, and walked... I am so sore today) around, ate delicious food, shopped, crammed into the subway cars like sardines, got sunburned, took in a little history, and (for the grand finale) attended the Red Sox game in the evening. It was a great game and Boston won at the bottom of the 9th with two outs with a home run. Ryan and I aren't huge baseball fans (like a certain girl's husband) but it was so fun. They were playing Cleveland (who Justin roots for), so we were a bit apprehensive being seen with Justin and his Indians jersey and hat. We didn't get hassled at all, which is always good. I felt a little bad, though, that Justin and Amy came all the way out to see their team lose, but even they thought it was a great game. It was so wonderful to walk around and have a little kid-free time (last summer walking around Boston was atrocious for me between the heat and being hugely pregnant!), but of course I lugged my camera along with a dead battery. Boo. When will I learn? I took a few with my phone, but I wish I had taken more!

I took this to send to my friend Amy (we stopped here last year when she was visiting) but didn't get to stop in. I am still regretting not popping in for some Oreo cake!

Boston harbor

Fenway... so fun!


  1. Haha love being "certain girl"

    So jealous of your day in Boston... this A&J NEED to have a Boston day with the Kirnans.

    Love the new blog look

  2. 1.) I love the new look of your blog
    2.) I was going to mention your first modeling days on the dress post, but didn't for some reason.
    3.) Miss you!