Tuesday, August 23, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 14 - a bride's emergency kit

This week, we are preparing for my sister's wedding. So much to do, and trying to enjoy the time and avoid stress... but we all know it's inevitable to feel that way in getting ready for such a big event! I decided to put together a little (figuratively, since it turned out to be quite a lot of items!) emergency kit for Meghan's wedding day to hopefully at least slightly alleviate a little bit of her stress and anticipation.

I kind of went crazy with this one. That travel-sized aisle at Target is dangerous. Here is what I included:

1. travel bag
2. baby wipes
3. feminine products
4. cotton pads
5. Tide to Go and Shout wipes
6. flossers
7. bobby pins
8. travel toothbrush and toothpaste
9. cotton swabs
10. clear nail polish
11. contact solution
12. hairspray
13. body spray
14. lotion
15. Clif bar
16. nail files
17. mouthwash
18. first aid kit
19. safety pins
20. lint roller
21. ibuprofen
22. gum and mints
23. mirrored compact
24. lip balm
25. pen and paper
26. sewing kit
27. tissues
28. blotting sheets
29. deodorant

I think Meghan will be quite prepared!  I know she probably won't need most of these items, but it will be nice to not have to worry about the what-ifs on Saturday.  I'm getting so excited!

Mac got his first haircut today (sniff!)... pictures soon!


  1. Nice work! My favorite part about being a MOH. And so glad you remembered the sewing kit --- good thing someone had one of those at your wedding! (It was me incase you forgot ;)) Love you!

  2. I NEED one of these for all the brides I deal with! Safety pins, deodorant, blotting tissues, and mints are what seems to be the most asked for items. Well done, ash!

  3. this is great!! i will definitely keep this in mind when going to photograph weddings :)

  4. I so remember hitting the travel size aisle at target with my sister the week before her wedding.

    I hope you guys can enjoy this time & it can be as stress free as possible. I love weddings =)

    katy @ redBuddy notes