Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 months

My big boy is 7 months old old today! Mac is SO on the verge of crawling. He is just the sweetest baby ever. I am so thankful for this ray of sunshine! He has filled a void in my life that I didn't even know was there.  He is ALWAYS laughing, smiling, and squealing.  Brynlee just ADORES him, and the feeling is definitely mutual. Oh, how I love them!!!

Crazy sister!!!

Good thing Sissy is here to comfort Mac when his mean mommy makes him sit on the hot cushions!

It's hot here today! Currently it's around 85 degrees and it's supposed to get up to 95 by the end of the week! Whew! Happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. How is he 7 months already? He is such a little man and I feel like I barely know him. Time needs to slow down.