Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 6 - a baby shower for Alyssa

It was my absolute honor to throw a baby shower for one of my very best friends on Sunday. Alyssa and I have been friends since the beginning of college and our friendship has grown so much through marriages, babies, moves, and so many other life changes. Our good friend Beth made all the food (which was all to DIE FOR!!!) and our friends Valissa, Gina, and Rebekah made amazing desserts and helped with other preparations. I was so happy with how everything turned out. The rain held off on us, but it still wasn't too hot... just perfect. We held the shower at Alyssa's house which was convenient for Beth and me (since we both now don't live in Rochester- sadness) and for Alyssa since then she didn't have to haul the gifts home and Jason could just take all of the gifts upstairs to the nursery. :) The shower went perfectly and was just so fun. I can't wait to meet Alyssa's sweet baby girl!

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  1. Everything turned out amazing as I knew it would. What were the favors? I love the color scheme. Congrats Alyssa!

  2. The favors were the little yellow rosette pins attached to the little tins with yellow jellybeans inside :)