Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday thoughts

I'm sitting here on my comfy couch, catching up on American Idol and relishing the bit of calm and quiet we call naptime. My littles have boycotted naptime for the past few days, so I guess they have won the battle but today I win the war! I was even able to clean the house (the downstairs anyway) and now I sit. Ahhhh.

I've been meaning to post some vacation pics for the past few days. Soon! Ryan has needed the other computer (which has all the pictures on it) at work for the past few days but he has promised me today is the last day. I have several projects and some fun stuff up my sleeve but yet the supplies for said projects sit. Dusty in my messy dining room/sewing room. I have made a "bucket list" of sorts, project wise (and kinda life wise) so as I complete each thing I will be sure to share! I've also been meaning to share some fun decor changes around the Kirnan Crib. I figured if I at least recorded my plans to share I would HAVE to follow through!

And of course Mac's wailing now. 45 minutes, I guess I'll take it!


  1. Can't wait to see all your craftiness and for you to come again so you can teach us your ways oh wise one :)

  2. Yay. BTW I totally forgot AI was on last night and then realized not only did I miss them singing Hey Soul Sister but I missed David Cook. BLAH.

  3. Oops that wasn't Rob. It was me. :)