Monday, March 21, 2011

dairy déjà vu

Yes, yes. I knew this time would possibly come.
My little stinker boy is showing signs of dairy/soy intolerance... so his momma is sitting here with a rumbly tummy, unsure of what to eat. I dug up this post and this post to 1. reminisce and 2. figure out what the heck I can eat! Of course we will be going on vacation in a couple weeks, so I will have to opt out of ice cream and pretty much all of the fun delicious treats we usually indulge in when in the OBX. Wop-wop. At least I've gone down this road before and I know it won't be so bad after a few days, especially after I wrack my brain to remember how to eat and feel normal about it again. I'm hoping it helps poor Mac. He was very fussy today, which is NOT like him. Before today, I hadn't really cut out soy yet. The ped told me (on Friday) to start with just dairy, but I remembered that Brynlee had seemed more bothered by soy so I decided to go ahead and cut myself off. I did find chocolate sorbet at Trader Joe's. Now that DEFINITELY softens the blow. Delicious!


  1. Oh no!SO sorry Mama. I hope it is just a temporary thing like it was for B. And what a cutie little boy he is, so worth the sacrifice.

  2. Can I say that picture looks just like my little guy. Well, at least the way he has his arms threw back and head up in the air. ll, it looks like they are swimming... not trying to crawl. It cracks me up!

  3. totally stinks, but we already talked about the BIG benefit!!!

    And at least this time you have TRADER JOES!!

    Love that lil man!