Monday, January 18, 2010

and she's off!

In a matter of pretty much a week Brynnie started to crawl, started to pull up on things, and started cruising along the furniture. I feel like I blinked and she is suddenly doing all these new things. She can stand on her own too, but isn't really confident enough yet so she reaches out for me right away or just sits down.

holding on with one hand
trying to contain her!
darn shadow... still cute

I am also so excited to report that at Brynlee's 9 month doctor's appointment she was cleared to try dairy... and it's going great! She loves yogurt and cheese... we have also tried eggs and a little meat here and there. She loves eating big girl food and is kind of over the purees... I already feel like I need to trick her into eating veggies. I'm in for it!


  1. how fun! She is too too cute. Now you will be getting your cardio in!

  2. She is so stinking big! And so adorable! My goodness!

  3. She is too much! She looks so grown up! Most beautiful little girl ever.

    Love the re-arranged furniture!

  4. Hey! Who told her she could get big?

    The world changes when they can walk, Mama. You are in for a FUN ride!!

  5. The furniture set up is too cute. I have totally done similar things with Ben - but I bet they won't work with Matt, since he has a big brother as a partner in crime! :)

    Has it struck you yet, that B has been 'outside' as long as she was 'inside'? It was such a weird realization, for me!

  6. That's so funny because the same milestones happened with Sophi around the same time and just like that- in a blink of an eye!!