Monday, July 28, 2008

AI Liiiiiiive

Kerry and I had our annual American Idol outing last night! I have to say, we were definitely not as lucky as we were last year, meeting THE American Idol and such, but it was still fun. I was a little disappointed with the show... it was actually a little boring, at the beginning at least. They had each of the top ten, starting with #10 and counting down, perform individually, and they performed three songs each! It was just a little much. We didn't get to meet anyone, even though we staked out the tour buses like an hour beforehand, and we got yelled at by security because we stopped walking for seriously a SECOND to wait to cross the street! I guess he thought we were up to no good and were going to go and kidnap David Archuleta or something. I had a hard time through the whole show, too, knowing that this was going to be the last big thing Kerry and I would get to do before she moves ON FRIDAY. Yes, my best friend is moving away. To North Carolina. Less than two weeks after one of my other closest friends moves thousands of miles away. BLAH!!!! Oh and I was SO upset because my camera batteries died right before the two Davids came on... so no pics of them! We were so close, too... we had pretty decent seats on the floor. Despite everything, it really was an amazing show. David Cook was INCREDIBLE, and the end was actually pretty awesome.

annual pre-concert photo shoot
Lukie wanted to go too!!!
look who I found!!!
my stalker pic of Michael Johns... he wouldn't come over and say hi!!! this pic was zoomed like 16x too!

We definitely weren't as lucky as Lara, but hey. At least we got a good parking spot! haha.

I'll leave you with a pic of me and my love from Saturday night... we went to a wedding with my fam. Crazy weekend! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


  1. I'm so jealous of your wardrobe! You look beautiful in every single shot.

    How was Brooke White? I really wanted her to win.

  2. I too am jealous of your SUPER cute outfits...and you look AMAZING in the last pic!! Love it!! Wasn't #10 the Amanda girl?? I think I would have shown up late for that one!! Ha! AND that stinks that you didn't get pics of the top 2!! Stupid camera. Better luck next year!!

    Love, krystle

  3. So what does Ryan think of your AI groupiness? I know for a fact he could kick Michael Johns' butt.

  4. i really wanted to go this year. its the first year i wanted to. so im wicked bummed i didnt.

    im glad you [kinda] enjoyed it!

    && it is sad they're moving.... =[

  5. Sad to have good friends move away. How fun to get to see AI though!

  6. I didn't realize Kerry was moving away?!

  7. Whats with us and our stupid cameras at concerts? You should have borrowed the people next to yous batteries, like I did at Martina

  8. Loved going to the concert w/ you as always! Great memories. You look wicked hot in your dress! ;)

  9. Hey Ash! I talked to Dwyer tonight online. She's been in Africa for like 7 months now and will be back in September. I told her to come by and visit us. ANyway, I stalk you by reading your blog when you add stuff (I heart google reader) and I wanted to ask how you set it up - like the background and stuff? Lex and I want to start one for our little family.

    Sorry your friends are all moving away - maybe you'll get to spend more time with new friends now! Wink wink nudge nudge. Love ya!

    Sarah (matousek)