Saturday, June 14, 2008

in the garden with the Kirnans

Many of you might now know this, but I started this blog (by request!) when we bought our house and started doing renovations. I wanted everything on here to be strictly about our progress and to be able to show family and friends who were interested what we've done without them having to come over all the time, especially since many don't live around here. Slowly, I started sharing things about what Ryan and I were doing and stuff, and now, well let's face it, this blog is no longer just about our "crib." So, all that to say, here are some long overdue updates on the house!!!

We've been wanting to get the backyard looking decent for awhile. We didn't really have much time to focus on the yard last summer, since we were working on the inside so much. This is what it looked like when we moved in...

Last summer after mom and I cleared some of the junk and dead stuff out...

We decided we really wanted a good sized garden back there. A few weekends ago, my mom and dad came out to help us plot out how big we wanted it. A few days later, they came out with a huge truckload of perennials and garden paraphernalia, including a birdbath, fountain, and garden seating! A few of the plants came from my mom's gardens, I bought a few, and some came from my mom's friend Laurie's gardens. Let's just say that we are BEYOND lucky that we didn't have to buy very much to plant!

Dad and Ryan fashioned a little raised bed so I could have a little vegetable garden too! Everything looks a little wilted and sad from the transplant, but I'm thinking that they will look better next year. We just have to see what survives. We can't thank you enough, mom & dad, for all your help and letting us "borrow" everything you did to make it look so good.

So not only did we get landscaping done, but my husband decided that he knew how to build a deck and that he would build one for us. So, mom and dad Kirnan came out (do you like how we implement slave labor with BOTH sides of the family? It works for us!) and dad K and Ryan built a deck in a day! Thanks to mom and dad K for all of your hard work too (and for letting me use the rototiller!!)!
(please don't mind the halfway painted house... we ran out of paint!!!) We still have a bunch of work to do, obviously, but it's a good start.

Now if you would excuse me, I must tend to my garden...


  1. Wow it looks amazing Ash. That fountain is so you. Glad you survived your long week and had a good, productive Saturday. We can't wait to come out and see it.

  2. It looks great! All that hard work definitely paid off! Enjoy your beautiful garden!

  3. Wow Ashley. You are so blessed to have such awesome parents:) Everything looks wonderful!!!

  4. Your yard is beautiful! And I like the multi-colored house look... :)
    You're so lucky to have married a handy-man!

  5. Yay! The yard is fab! I was so thrilled to see you put out some bird baths, I did too! All your hard work has paid off.

  6. The yard and all the work you've put into it look wonderful!! I am hereby, officially JEALOUS.