Saturday, May 3, 2008

tag... just a tad overdue

Well, Spammon tagged me for this like a MONTH ago and I've been a very bad and busy friend and not posted. I apologize, Spam, and I also feel really bad about the whole making you cry thing... Linds told me, it's okay!

10 Years Ago - May 1998. I actually dug around in my basement and unearthed one of my old journals for this one. Wow. At 14, I was constantly "in love" with different boys, though they never knew it. I was absorbed in the drama of my church youth group and dreamed of becoming a singer. Two of my best friends moved away during this time and my crush brought his NEW GIRLFRIEND to youth group one fateful Wednesday night! Oh the TRAUMA! hee hee.

5 Things On My To Do List (all stuff that I wanted to do this weekend... but is NOT happening!)-

1. wash all of the windows
2. re-paint the chairs and bench on the patio
3. work on the front flowerbeds
4. organize the office, spare room, and basement (I want to cry just thinking about this)
5. laundry, clean, change the bed
How will I ever choose which fun activity to do first?! Hmm maybe if I got to work and quit writing posts and stalking blogs I would get stuff done...

5 Snacks I Enjoy -

1. string cheese
2. ice cream
3. any blended caramel coffee drink
4. goldfish (regular & pretzel)
5. grapefruit

5 Foods I Love -

1. pizza
2. pasta
3. chicken
4. mexican
5. Amy's burritos... I could eat them every day!


pay off debt, build a house, have like 7 kids!


1. Alden, NY
2. North Chili, NY
3. Churchville, NY
4. Brighton, NY
5. A bit sheltered are we??!! (ps 2-4 are all within a 20 min stretch)

Favorite Quote -

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
-Helen Keller
*I know it's kinda cheesy, but it's always been my favorite quote!*

And I'll leave you with a shot of my current source of pride & joy...


  1. Ah, I remember this tag from last year. I'm just glad you haven't forgotten.

    Who's Amy? Some girl down the street? What makes her burrito's so good? I prefer Chimichangas much better. Anything deep fried has my vote.

    And would you mind signing that quote from Helen Keller?

    P.S. Why did Helen Keller play piano with only one hand?

    Because she sang with the other.

  2. bwahahahahahaha! Spam. So silly.

    I love your flowers! You're place looks springy!

    When you get done washing windows... will you come wash mine?

  3. I love it that you found your journal! I used to hide mine SO WELL that I still cannot find them to this day! :)

  4. Aww the flowers look so good Ash. Can't wait to see you.
    I washed my windows a few weeks ago, not my favorite thing to do but they look so much better

  5. great tag.. I love the flowers!

  6. Love those flowers! It's not nice enough for flowers here yet...we're just starting to get green grass! haha. :)

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous!
    And I had no idea you were SO YOUNG???
    Geez Miss Crafty at everything! You put my old woman butt to shame!

  8. .. this post just made me hungry .. oh and cry because it reminded me how crapified our office looks right now too.

  9. Holy crap, you were 14 in 1998?? I am so OLD. That said, I think you and I could have written each other's journals at 14...some things never change.

    LOVE the tulips!!

  10. ok... your to-do list from the weekend. everything on it i have on mine. ugh! don't you hate having that kind of stuff looming over you!? ok. let's make a pact - we'll get ONE thing done this weekend!! :)