Friday, January 25, 2008

tag... it's the Ashley show

Kim (you rock girl) tagged me, probably wondering if I was still alive since me and blogger aren't doing so well these days.... here goes!

A few things you didn’t know:

Two names you go by:
1 – Ash, Ashee, Sha Sha (can you guess who came up with the last one?) :)
2 – AK... so creative I know :) but I love it... especially the K part!

Two things you are wearing right now:
1 – grey zip up
2 – jeans (boring)

Two things you would want or have in a relationship:
1 – BIG sense of humor
2 – honesty

Two of your favorite things to do:
1 – being with my husband... um that's a given
2 – work out (!) not like it shows hehe

Two things you want very badly right now:
1 – it starts with a "b" and ends with "aby"
2 – yeah that's pretty much it

Two things you did last night:
1 – talked to my mom
2 – met with my friend Erin at starbucks

Two things you ate yesterday:
1 – oatmeal
2 – cottage cheese

Two things you did today:
1 – took Sky to the rec center
2 – vacuumed

Two longest car rides:
1 – Bolivar, NY to Las Vegas, NV
2 – our all nighter trip from Rochester to Florida with the Johnsons :) meeeemoriesss......

Two favorite holidays:
1 - Christmas
2 – my birfday (duh)

Two favorite beverages:
1 – unsweetened iced tea
2 – any type of frappucino/blended latte with carmel

Two things about me:
1 – I am absolutely terrified of the dark
2 – I always have to microwave my ice cream for a few seconds before eating it (I like it soft, but not soupy!)

Two jobs I have had in my life:
1 – pharmacy at Eckerd drugs
2 – hotel front desk at six flags darien lake (bye bye 6 flags...)

Two places I have lived:
1 – Alden, NY
2 – Rochester, NY... I guess I am a homebody

Two of my favorite foods:
1 – ice cream... many favorites right there
2 – grapefruit

Two places I would rather be right now:
1 – in my bed
2 – on a very, very warm beach

I tag Lindsey, Julie, Jenny, Rachel, and Amy!!! You girls are some of my favorites, so get goin!


  1. Thanks for going along with the tag!
    Ok a few things-
    1) WISH I had your love of working out
    2) I seriously hope you get your "Starts with a 'b' ends with an 'aby'" very very soon. :)
    3) Boy you eat healthy
    and 4) I'm scared of the dark too!

  2. I'm so scared of the dark. I might as well confess, I run up the stairs from my basement. I wish I were joking. It's dark and creepy. I also hate being outside alone at night. I'm almost 28 years old how pathetic.

    I loved reading this post, it was fun learn more about you sha sha!And thanks also for the tag, you have just given me something to say.

  3. Thanks for the tag Ashley!! You're right, it will give me something to do on bedrest!! I do have report cards to do this weekend too. I told my sub I would do them being that she has only been there the last 3 weeks (wow, 3 weeks already) and one of the weeks was the ELA test.

  4. thanks for the tag.. I loved this post too..

  5. i loved reading your answers. i am scared of the dark too, and the things you can't see in the dark. i am crossing my fingers for you on the baby front. have a happy weekend.

  6. How fun to learn more about you!! I'm right there with you about being a homebody!!

  7. Microwave Ice Cream eh? I've never thought about that...I like mine soft too. But I usually have 1 part ice cream to 3 parts chocolate, carmel and whipping cream mixture. I guess it does kind of turn into soup, but thats how I dig it.

  8. I would always rather be in bed or on a warm beach. Fun to read more about you. I didn't realize you were baby hungry. Good luck, babies are blessings!

  9. Ashley, I went back into your older blogs to look at your kitchen...this is where I am stuck. We have our granite picked out and the cabinets are in, but I don't where to go with a sink. I have looked at swanstone, but it takes 5 weeks for the color I want. I had a stainless steel in the condo, and I hated it, but I'm sure it was a cheap one. I want it to look shiny all the time and the one I had didn't. I see you have stainless, any pros or cons you can tell me. If you really love it, what brand did you go with? Thanks!!