Friday, December 7, 2007

what a pain...

So tonight Ryan and I got some shopping done... groceries, Christmas presents... very productive. When we got home, I went to unpack everything and found an item we did NOT buy amongst the dishes I bought at TJ Maxx (favorite store ever) for my mom. It was a pair of athletic pants... black Adidas, slim fit, exactly my size. Did I mention... these are THE pants I have been looking for/wanting forever?! Of course, the thought to just keep them flickered through my brain for an instant. But I'm not. I'm taking them back. But seriously, what an ethical test! And how annoying... now I have to go all the way back to the store... but I'm glad I shared. Now you all have to hold me accountable to actually return them!

What a long week, I'm so tired. Worked 47 hours... weekend, here I freaking come. Hoping I can peel myself out of bed and make it to the gym by 11 tomorrow! ha!


  1. That is a pain. Good pants are hard to find.

    I will hold you to your word. Just make sure you don't listen to spammon, he will try to convince otherwise.

    Good luck at the gym!

  2. Have Ryan return them/pay for them while he is there and then you can still have them come Christmas day! Glad you had such a productive evening though, I am finding it hard to get things like grocery shopping and christmas shopping done with work and the puppy

  3. I am proud of your integrity. I think that true honesty is hard to come by. Most peopke would sadly think that they just got a bonus.. or because it was not their error, then it is okay. I am totally of your mindset, that there aren't a lot of shades of gray.. I seriously think you are amazing!

  4. The real question is: Were you wearing the pants when you took them back?

  5. if it were me i would take them back and pay for them, then you have your integrity AND the pants you have been wanting forever...what? pants that fit perfectly are hard to come by...