Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am special.

It's true!!! Lindsey said so!!!(I can't figure out why I look so strange in this pic... maybe because it's straight on... or I because I'm supertired... )

I was so excited to receive a little package all the way from Utah today... my BLOGGING ELEPHANT!!!! I about died when I opened the box and pulled out this sweet shirt. I love it. Too funny. Only thing is.... is this really from Lindsey? Or is it from someone else? Either way, I'm still pretty lucky!!! You guys are awesome.

Merry Christmas, all!!!


  1. Hahahahahaha!

    I was so shocked that you got it that fast. I wasn't expecting you to have it until at least Monday.

    That shirt used to be mine. Now it belongs to someone much more special. And don't worry I washed it before I mailed it. :) It looks so much better on you. Spammon only wishes he had something that cool to give away.

    You don't look weird or tired you look beautiful as usual and I really like your bangs, are they new?

    Merry Christmas Ash!

  2. No, if I picked it out, it would have been much more geeky.

  3. I love that shirt!!! You scored!!!!

  4. That is a SWEET shirt.. I can't believe Lindsey gave taht bad boy up!

  5. Haha! Lindsay and her hubby are so funny. I used to love Mr. Rogers... remember that little train set he had? I wanted one!

    Great shirt! And I think you look great!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. That shirt is awesome! Check out what I got from Spammon--too funny!

    YOu totally scored!

  7. awe. you are so cute! love that shirt!