Thursday, November 29, 2007

THE tree

We've been decorating ALL night... and I thought I'd share our efforts. :)

recognize this one, AJ?


who wouldn't want this kitten for Christmas? :)



  1. It looks great! Old ornaments with meaning are the best!

    I am thinking about keeping my tree up year round. I just love having all those twinkling lights inside.

  2. Oh Ash it looks wonderful as I had no doubt it would since you have the decorating touch. And I for one wouldn't want the kitten but I'll let you keep him. I loved that ornament.We're decorating tomorrow, going to get Beckett and spend the whole day so you and Ryan will have to come soon!

  3. It's beautiful. I love old ornaments. I think finding those old ones is the best part of decorating.

  4. I remember painting soup cans orange with white dots and hanging them on our, I bet that tree was hard on the eyes.

  5. Looks great, as always! I can't wait to get our tree!

    See you tonight!

  6. I love it when the lights are off and all you can see is the glow from the tree. It looks gorgeous in there!

  7. Your tree looks so great and so festive! Job well done!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  8. it is a beautiful tree. yay for the holidays!

  9. My brother made one of those Christmas tree ornaments when he was in the second grade I think. My mom has it on her tree.

    Your Christmas tree/room is gorgeous.