Sunday, November 4, 2007

more pretties

This past week has been pretty busy for us... we were able to hang out with the Kellers, Stevenses, Morgans, & Johnsons all in a matter of 5 days! Fun. Mom and dad came out today to deliver curtains and give us a surprise early Christmas present!

the living room curtains...

the flash makes them seem really shiny, but they aren't. they are BEAUTIFUL!

our Christmas present...

I love this table... mom refinished it. It's a piece we can definitely use forever, in any house.

They also brought us curtains for the bathroom... mom was kind enough to make them even though we were in agreement that I was going to make them all, under her instruction, of course. Thanks, momma! :)

Oh, and Halloween! Yeah. I was soooooo excited to have trick or treaters for the first time, and I was convinced that we were going to have tons of kids come to the house. We live in a pretty busy area with lots of sidewalks, so it seemed like a no-brainer. We even invited Rob and (PREGNANT-- YAAAYYYYY) Kerry over to "help," hehe.

We had TWO kids stop by. Now we have 4 huge bags of candy sitting around, begging to be eaten. Bummer.


  1. We didnt get as many trick or treaters as we thought either. Although I know some people that could help you eat that candy!

    I love the table, we've been looking for something like that for our entry way.

  2. The curtains turned out amazing! I love the table and mirror grouping. Your house is really beautiful!

    We have a lot of left over candy too... I hate having it here, guess I better go hide it in my butt and thighs!

  3. I love the table! Your house is looking really good. Sorry about the trick or treaters...we live on a dead end so only the kids on the street come, which isn't very many.

  4. what is up with the no trick or treaters?? Same thing here. Anyway, love the curtains and the table.. home decorating is so fun and rewarding! you can lean back and look and say.. that's right.. this is my house!

  5. Wow. It all looks amazing as always!

    I am so glad that we were able to hang out this weekend!!

    See you Thursday at our butt-kickin class!

  6. ooh, i love your house. it is so warm and inviting. we didn't get as many trick or treaters as we wish we had either...sad.

  7. lol...Whats up with no trick or treaters this year? ugh! At least we can feel guilt free by "disposing of it" properly!!

    ON the other hand...I absolutely love the curtains and table!!!!

  8. Thanks for the flattering compliments. You always know what to say to make my day!

  9. Your house is beautiful!
    I want curtains exactly like yours but in more of contrasting colors. They are GORGEOUS! And I love the colors of your walls!

  10. AWE you are the sweetest and I am new to here - U love to cook I see and I adore cooking for my family!! I can not wait to try those lovely OREO balls !! OR um truffles??? Oh and that applesauce cake- i have a lovely cake very similar but I make carmel sauce for the top for halloween from BETTy CROCKER its easy!! SO give that a drizzle!! Well take care and I can not wait to hear more! WHo did ur crown molding I love that!
    Kendra Parra