Sunday, October 7, 2007

sweet progress

This weekend has been GREAT... Mom and Dad stayed over Friday and Saturday night and we worked on the house all day yesterday and a lot of today. We got SO MUCH done. Here are just a FEW things that were accomplished (mostly by Ryan, Dad and Mom... haha... SOMEONE has to clean up after them!)...
-doors to hall built-ins and doors to bathroom cabinet installed (custom-made by my Dada)
-porch ceiling torn out and a new one installed, along with a new light fixture

-porch door replaced (hallelujah) and framed out
-front door repainted (only Mom can accompish this nicely... I think I may wait out on you to do the side one too, hehe) and framed out
-fun trips to home depot, as always
-got some pretty stuff hung up FINALLY (mom again)

-and the grand finale (cue trumpets).... WE PAINTED THE HOUSE!!!! NO MORE PINK/PEACH NASTINESS! The color (and the difference) is subtle, but perfect. I can't tell you how good it feels have this done. Actually, we're not fully done, Ryan is out there now (he actually JUST banged on the office window to scare me and make a stupid face at me), and I took a break to come in and obey all who have insisted on pictures... so here you go!!! taaa daaaaa.....

halfway done... you can really see the difference here --->

10.7.07 yaayyyyyy!!!
Thanks for all the help this weekend, Mom and Dad, we love you! Come back and I'll make more strawberries (work or no work, hehe) ;)

Oh, and for anyone wondering about my run last weekend.... I finished. That alone is enough to celebrate ;)


  1. you finished yeah!! so proud of you.

    the house looks awesome. i love the color.

    love you too!!


  2. You guys are good workers! I can't believe how much you accomplished. When are you coming to Utah to help out with our projects? ;)Your mom and dad can come too!

    Love the new porch, and the pretty decor! Your house looks really great. Good choice on the exterior color. I'm impressed.

    Congrats on the run! I have never understood how people run to win... like you, I run to finish.

  3. looks like ryan has a baby arm growing out the side of his neck!!!!

  4. The house looks AMAZING. Its so subtle but it does make a huge difference.

  5. I am so envious! I wish I had a crew like that to come do work on my house!! Everything looks awesome. I love the new color.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues