Saturday, October 27, 2007

pretty things

I've spent all day today cleaning... mostly vacuuming cat hair (using my mortal enemy vacuum cleaner)... nothing better than going on an all out cleaning spree on a dreary fall day. Ryan got a chance to hang a few things we've meant to hang for awhile now, I thought I'd share...

mom picked this wall hanging up for me a few weeks ago... I'd been looking for one like this forever... and I got around to spraying it black today

I picked up this cute hook thing shopping when we were in Michigan this past week... it's hung in our stairwell to the basement

my uncle made this mirror/key hook for our wedding, I recently pained it (it's not really done and I still have to scrape paint off the mirror, but I just wanted it UP)... yay!

and I just thought I'd share... Ryan tiled the side entrance in the past week or so... he's a good one huh? :) (don't mind the nasty wall... still needs to be trimmed)

It's the little things...


  1. There is absolutely NO feeling in the world like a clean house. I LOVE that green color you have on your walls. You are right... crisp fall days are perfect for cleaning!

  2. I love your new wall hangings! They look great! We are still hanging a few things here and there...finally making our house feel like a home!

    I was in the cleaning mood today too. I washed windows & screens, cleaned out cars and did laundry.

    You're right it is the little things!

  3. I love the wall hanging, it screams ASHLEY!! I miss you, we need to find a time to get together soon. And I want to hear about your trip