Monday, September 3, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. LePore

Matt and Beth were married on Saturday, and what a perfect day it was. The weather was crystal clear and warm, and I had probably the most fun I've had being involved in a wedding than ever before. I had the privilege of being Beth's matron of honor. She has always been my "other sister" and it was very touching and emotional to see her be married to the love of her life. I was still dancing on Sunday morning! :)

Carrie, Beth, and me at the rehearsal... the church was so gorgeous

my mom did the flowers for the wedding, so this is what her kitchen looked like on Friday :)

At the salon... Beth reacting to seeing her hair for the first time... check out who the photographer was in the mirror. Why don't you just call me Rachel Ann Shipman?

Meg and me

Ryan and me

Carrie and me

the bridal party

the best man, Chuong, and I after we fell making our grand entrance.... definitely the most embarassing moment of my life, but it made for a great opener for my matron of honor speech! My knees are purple today....

momma and me at the reception... I was so proud of her.

dancing the night away....

The whole day was perfectly flawless... I can't believe my girl is married. Check out Rachel's blog for more pics.... coming soon!


  1. what an awesome night - dancing the night away!

    oh i just love the picture of you and Chuong. I laugh everytime I look at it..

    love you.

  2. Oh, by the way... did we ever find out where Megan went??

  3. I was checking all last night for these pictures to be up... thanks for giving me something to look at during my night shift.
    As soon as Rach got home the other night I went through all the pictures. Miss you

  4. What a beautiful couple! And I love the color of the dresses for the bridal party!

    You have got to share more of your falling down story! That is hilarious!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  5. yes! i agree with Jane - you should tell the falling down story! Its wonderful..

  6. okay, okay!!!! so Chuong and I decided that we had to do something funny for our grand entrance when we were announced at the reception... something funnier and better than anything else the others would come up with. So we decided that we would enter, part, I would toss my flowers to him, go over and boost him onto my back (he's a smaller guy, plus all of these nights at the gym haven't been for nothing!). We practiced beforehand and it went perfectly. So when we did it for real, he decided to do more of a running leap than just a little jump onto my back. I toppled forward, landed on my knees, flowers from my poor bouquet raining on my head, and Chuong landed on top of me. I wanted to DIE. We got up, I hitched up my dress, and I yelled "CHUONG, RUN!!!!!" and we ran all the way to the table. Most embarassing moment ever, no doubt.

  7. Thanks for sharing that hilarious story! I'm crying right now.

    Was your mom 10 when she had you? You both are beautiful.

  8. What a beautiful wedding! I'm glad to hear I am not the only clumsy gal around! ;)

  9. What pretty pictures! I love the flowers and the bridesmaids colors!