Saturday, August 4, 2007

Slam That Door

Houston, we have doors! Mom and Dad came out early today and we worked ALL DAY LONG. So happy with our progress. We now have doors on every room and closet! Plus baseboard in the hall and the bedroom is finished being trimmed... ahhhh. Dad and Ryan had to build the door frame out on every entranceway and cut all of the doors down to fit. I now have doors to slam when I'm mad! Watch out!

the buddies working hard:)

Mom and I did some trim paint damage and then tackled the backyard this afternoon.... I wish I had a "before" picture, but let me tell you, we cleared out so much overgrowth, garbage, leaves, and dead trees. We are all scratched and cut up, but it was fun and it looks awesome....

Please, don't mess with us...

Last but not least, Mom and Dad brought Jack out for the ride and he made a new friend... sorta....

Poor Jackie... he's a little scared of cats... who can blame him, what with having to live with psycho kitty Lily at home?

It's such a good feeling to be productive... and it's a good excuse to spend all day with Mom & Dad. :)


  1. You guys are doing such a great job with the house. Isn't is great to have parents so willing to help and tackle the work?!? Mine are ready, we just need the building permit to get going. The house is beautiful!!!

  2. yay for doors! we still have not put up our sliding closet door in our spare bedroom and we have lived here for eight is my email

  3. Umm... your parents totally rock. Seriously!

  4. Awesome!! Doors!! My father-in-law is visiting this week and just yesterday my husband and he put on some new window sills in the boys rooms! There is nothing like family helping and (most of all_ progress!! Love that you guys had a date night!! I'm envious... !
    - Audrey
    Pinks & BLues Girls

  5. Yeah, too bad you didn't get a before picture of the back yard, because you made some HUGE improvements. See you guys tomorrow night!


  6. It gives such a sense of accomplishment doesn't it to get things done around the house? It looks great!

  7. Hooray for progress!!

    And Jack is SUCH a cutie! What a sweet face.

    Jane, P&B Girls