Friday, July 13, 2007

Wee Hours

Ok I know I've been a freak writing so often lately... but it's 5am, I've been up for a few hours not feeling good (now dreading that 8am total body conditioning class at the gym that I'd promised Alyssa I'd go to)... and look who's been keeping me company....

Minkis is purring and snoring at the same time... ha! Need to get some rest... I think I've blog-stalked more tonight/this morning than ever before... hehehe


  1. that is so weird that you were up during the wee-hours of the night blog-stalking because SO WAS I!! I got one of those sweet teas from McDonalds not really thinking it was caffinated and then I couldn't sleep!!

    You are such a dedicated gym-goer (is that a word?). Maybe I should get my booty in gear and start shedding these baby pounds!

    Love you

  2. aww thanks for coming to the class with me-even after all those hours up in the middle of the night you still kicked my butt in class!Have a fun weeken with you family

  3. John woke up when I did this morning at 5 something. You crazy girls need to get some sleep. I went to bed at 8:30 lastnight. Moving and signing all those papers took all my energy

  4. Hey Ashley and Ryan,
    Ash you've inspired me to start a blog about our building process. Even though it has just begun, I am so excited about having a house!!

    I love checking out your updates and seeing what you guys are up to.

    love, Jen

  5. "blog stalked?"thats a new one!

    5a.m.? awake? Are you preggers? (Might want to skip those conditioning classes!

  6. I love when my doggies keep me company when I can't sleep! Their little snoring and sleepy sounds always make me happy! :) Your kitties are so cute and cuddly!

    Jane, P&B Girls