Sunday, June 10, 2007


Um yeah. No house updates.... we've had many visitors this week, yet no progress. It's been hard to muster up the motivation to get painting, cleaning, sanding, etc. when we're actually living here. Not sure why. Ryan's been having fun ripping out the basement this week, but I am utterly too proud/embarassed to even take a picture of that disaster, let alone post one. Maybe I'll take some when it's finished. We had a fun weekend; celebrated my baby brother's 18th birthday and had a fun visit and cookout w/ Jason & Amy today... I haven't even touched a paintbrush in more than a week. Here are some shots from the weekend....

he had to ruin it!!!

Z with his birthday/graduation/rest of his life present

I told you so!! lil weirdos. And no, they did not eat that whole piece! :)

oh, and hate my blog layout thing? yeah, me too. I spent hours messing with it the other night (I was wired on excedrin tension headache) and this was as good as it could get. I'm going to have someone who knows what they're doing make one for me... I've had it.


  1. I can't believe the cats like watermelon, craziness. Don't feel bad about slacking for a little bit you've worked non-stop for the past two months you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful house. You have a ton done.

  2. john showed me how to give my blog a facelift. the problem is now that i know how to do it, i will change it all the time...i am weird that way...

    ps...has it really been since amy's tastefully simple party since i've seen you?!?!?!

  3. I think you guys deserved a break! Looks like you kept busy having some fun, though!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. I love the expression on your brother's face! Priceless... is that a mac laptop???
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  5. I guess I've been slacking too. I haven't see your last three posts. I laughed soo HARD when your page cam up and I saw Ryans face!! SO HARD!

    Your little brother got a laptop for a birthday/graduation gift? WOW I got a "ohh yeah it is your birthday"...or a "well now that you've graduated get out!!" LOL

    Ohh and your lay out. . .Andrea (Drea) does lay outs and she is great notice my new one? She is cheap I think...don't tell her I said that (foot in mouth disease)I get mine free but I also give her baby clothes annnnd THE BEST FRIENDSHIP okay you don't buy that do you? (shes saving up for a new camera so every lil bit helps)

    Just go to her site or email her at!!

    Hope that helps!

    and take off your letter verification thingy I HATE THAT!

  6. WV removal? What? I'm lost. . .she does some cute stuff...What is your email?

    OHHH the WV. . .Why? no one is gonna spam you! Take it off...your still a little fish like myself!!! (i hate it!! really) I type SUPER fast now but I still look at my hands on the keyboard, so it sucks to have to look up and check to be sure. . .TaKE IT OFFF!! NOW!! Go...GO NOW...SERIOUSLY GO. . .RUN!!!

  7. Guys always ruin the pictures. My husband does that everytime i try to get a good one of me and him.

  8. I am loving the kitten watermelon pic

  9. and i saw that elizabeth ;-)