Saturday, June 2, 2007

Running on Empty...

Oh man. The last few days have been stressful, overwhelming, but yet super joyful (see above post for details). Ryan and I worked at the house for like 12 hours today... and we didn't start until 1pm! So we're getting up at 6am (it's 1:30 am now), finishing packing and waiting for the Kirnan clan to help us out (thanks a lot to my mom and dad for going to Florida and deserting us this weekend... hehe). Of course, I stay up and blog instead of getting sleep... you know how you get so tired that you feel not tired?! I'm flying now! Here are a few pics to share w/ you... AJ and JK should be pleased. :)

Overwhelming transformation #1: Master Bedroom




HOLY CRAP! How freaking awesome is that?! It's not even done yet! Thanks to MOM for her design expertise in the sweet wall molding (she really did design it... I told her what I wanted and she seriously read my mind) and DAD for his expert craftsmanship ("Brian, you are too good!") and humility... ha! Oh and thanks to ME for painting my life away, all day every day!!!!!!!

Overwhelming transformation #2: Bathroom

4.16.07 Darnit it's sideways and I can't fix it but you get the idea

5.6.07 ugh!

6.1.07 ta-daaaa!!!! check out my sweet clear shower curtain... haha jk, I have yet to find one I like, I need to keep looking. I'd like one in black

Gorgeous faucet... one of my favorite things in the whole house!

So.... tomorrow (well today in a few hours) is the day.... so anxious yet excited!

*Jane (P&B G) I'll get the kitchen wall color name to you! I have to see if my mom has the paint chip, it was in one of those paint fan book things, so I'll have to look :)*


  1. Wow...that's unreal. The bathroom and bedroom look SO good. I love the wall molding in the master -- very classy look. Can't believe everything you've all done.

  2. I am speachless.... its amazing. I oohed and ahhhed with every picture. Can't wait to see it on Sunday. I LOVE the master bedroom

  3. overwhelming transformation, indeed!

    don't worry about the paint color! if you knew if off-hand, that would be one thing, but don't worry at all about digging it up! thanks, though!! :)

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. it's beyoooteeefullll!!!!

    Have you looked at restoration hardware for a shower curtain? They have some great, classic designs and colors- the ash collection might go well in the bathroom...