Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well, we're in. I'm ashamed to say that we haven't done much unpacking... there is still soooooooo much to do in the house, plus I literally CAN'T put much away due to the fact that a)I hate to put stuff on shelves that I need to paint still b) we still need to buy a few armoire/cabinets and c) we still have cabinets to BUILD!!! AHHH!!!! Piles are my biggest pet peeve, ask my husband. I freak when I find hidden piles of randomness.... but now they are all even BIGGER and in plain view!!!!

Check out Couch Mountain... the biggest and funnest pile in the house :) It's up like that to give us more room and we're keeping it there til the basement is finished and we can put them down there (they're our old couches)

yeeeaaahhh!!!! it still needs a lot of work, but at least now it looks like a real kitchen!

definitely my favorite room.... NOTHING is organized... don't worry... but isn't the bedspread pretty?! I'm going to do a lot of black & white w/ limey green accents

and the most extraordinary transformation of all!!!! AJ you did so well, I was SO PROUD!!!! thanks to you and JK for being our first extended visitors:)

Oh... and our cats love watermelon... who knew!!?? We finally have internet now... so hoping to blog more in between the unpacking... or lack thereof :)


  1. I am DROOLING over your house! The kitchen... the master bedroom... the colors... everything is so lovely! You all did such a great job! You should be proud!

    Love the kitties making themselves at home!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. Your house looks GREAT!! I love the kitchen.

    Amy holding a kitty??? Good work on the photo shop of that one. :)

    Let me know when you want some bread.

  3. ashley, you deserve some kind of metal for 1)doing such and amazing job on your house. the kitchen is a dream. and 2)getting amy to hold the kitten! that's amazing...

  4. Ryan, Ashley and I were sitting in the living room and Amy actually returned from the kitchen holding the kitten by herself. There was no coercing or convincing.

    Come on those two are so little and so much fun, even a cat hater would have to love them at this point.

    They wrestle just like the Ziegler twins...that's entertaining in my book no matter what you are.

  5. No photoshop involved, John is telling the truth. I took the initiative. Although the cat did get frisky at one point, but Ash scolded it right away. I wish they could stay this small forever.

    The house is even more amazing in person. Love you!

  6. wow. the house looks amazing. i really cannot believe the ktichen. you should enter some before and after pictures into some contest! The Morgans need to come over and see it in person!

    I can't believe Amy is holding a cat.

    Love you tons Ash!