Friday, May 25, 2007

Never Too Many & Updates (or lack thereof)

So here are a few more contests to spread the word about... AJ you should enter, JK can teach you how to link... he's a linking fool. :)

The Pinks and Blues girls are having a sweet giveaway which includes a Dooney & Bourke bag and Victoria's Secret Perfume! If you know me, you know how I am about those designer purses... naughty addiction. Check out the Pinks & Blues blog, as well as their main website... they are so fun & have something for everyone. Also, Stephanie is having ANOTHER contest, this time to win gorgeous earrings from Cheeky Jewelry along with a $25 gift certificate! I love the Katharine earrings.

Sooo... I've been slacking on these house updates this week. I spend too much time reading blogs and not enough time writing them. Feeling the pressure to get going with the move, especially since the contents of our entire storage room are now in the middle of our living room... I'm dreading going through all of that stuff, I'm tempted to throw it all away without even looking at it! This next week's going to be busy... but I hope to take a lot of pics (especially since I forgot my camera when we went out Wed to work) this weekend!

American Idol is over... so sad... 5 months of commitment, over in one night!

I stole this pic from AJ (you probably can't see the pic here but if you click in the ? box it'll open in a new window)... we are such dorks... but fun ones! Our fiesta was a success! 1/2 the fat! Love you guys!


  1. Thanks for entering the contest, spreading the word and linking up! You're great! As I was saying to someone else, I really wish EVERYONE could win! :)

    Mmmm, that cake (pie?) looks really yummy!

    Good luck with the house work... looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    Give all the animals kisses for me (I'm an animal nut)!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. YEAH! A contest for Ashley! I hope you win!

    Look at thos cute little kitties. Amy - did you start your therapy sessions yet?