Sunday, May 20, 2007

hallelujah for hardwoods!

Wow. This weekend was great... we got so much done, and got our new kitties! They are so tiny, I know they look big in the pic I posted last night, but they really are small... only 6 weeks!

I know my dad's going to hate that I posted this pic... but it's the only one I have that you can really tell how small they are! The grey one is a male, his name is Minkis (ummm yeah guess who named that one). The black & white one is a female named Calla. :) Love them!

On a completely different note...


can you believe the change?! the hardwoods look simply incredible. I will completely and fully admit that I had absolutely nothing to do with the installation or anything having to do with it... the tools necessary for the installation were scary and loud and mom, dad, and Ryan really needed a supervisor. :) Dad laid plywood, mom picked the boards to lay (it was like a never ending puzzle) and Ryan used the weird looking hammer and nail machine thing to actually install the floor. Plus someone had to kitty-sit.... wonder who had that job. :)

Here are some different views of the progress...

(sorry, mom... it's the only good pic I had of that view of the hall!)

The scary bathroom is also definitely making progress... dad finished the wainscoting and put new trim on the window.

And for the record, I did not do absolutely nothing this weekend... I did plenty of nail hole filling, painting, and cleaning, all in the bathroom. Oh, and someone had to keep running to Wegmans to get food (yes the Pittsford Wegmans... I always get such stares running around there in my paint clothes)!

So we are going to try to get a lot done during the week, too, when we can find time... can't wait for Wednesday! Go Blake! :)


  1. The floors look amazing! Remind me, do they go all the way into the bedrooms? and if so all of them?
    Why didnt you call me to kittysit :)

  2. After looking at all these pictures I have to tell you...your mom's HOT!!!

  3. Hey Ashley,

    Your floors look awesome! You guys must be so excited about moving and so proud of all you've accomplished.

    Now, about those kitties. The anti-cat thing is genetic too. But I must admit, they are stinkin' adorable. Too bad they won't stay that little (and cute). :)

  4. your dad is hot too

  5. What CUTE CUTE kitties!! They are just precious!

    And I am SO envious of your beautiful hardwoods. They look INCREDIBLE! Y'all are doing such great work.

    Don't you love looking at the "before" pics and seeing how far you've come!?

    Take care!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  6. your house looks amazing my dear! i am so exciting for you!

    amy...kittysit...yeah, when you know what freezes over

  7. hi, got your blog from kelli. your floors look incredible! I'm begging my hubby to put them in our house....he wants to finish the basement first.