Friday, May 18, 2007

For Cawwie...

Stephanie is having a great contest to give away a bunch of really cute baby stuff this week! The prizes are from Mason & Matisse. They have the coolest baby gear! Anyway, I saw this contest and immediately thought of Carrie... 9 months pregnant and all! She's obviously not a blogger (but she WILL be soon!) so I wanted to enter for her! Love you Carrie and Addie!!!

PS My internet was not working on Wed night, and last night blogger decided to not let me upload pics, so I'll try to post about the work that we did on the house on Wednesday tonight.... and stay tuned this weekend for a surprise!!! :) Hint... AJ you will not like it, but it will be good for you! :D


  1. YEAH!! Thanks Ashwee :) They have such great stuff!

    Can't wait for that great surprise! Amy's therapy shall begin! :)


  2. Thanks for playing along!! So nice of you to think of others for the prizes!


  3. You sure got that linking thing down, I am not sure I know how to do that.

    I am totally not ready for this therapy but i did spend like half an hour staring out our window at the cats today, they were being crazy!

    Can't wait for our finale fiesta :)

  4. At this rate the finale fiesta will be held at Rochester General Hospital!! :)

    It is so sweet of Ashley to think of others for the prizes! :) So thoughtful.