Thursday, April 26, 2007

kitchen: before and current


everything needed to be ripped out... i mean EVERYTHING


haha this is what happens when i'm left alone to demo tile

complete disaster


the tile before grout

grout finished!

so now the cabinets in and partially primed, tile and grout in, new window in; next up: countertops, paint, appliance installation... ahhhhhhhh the list goes on! hopefully we'll get a lot of that done this weekend!


  1. You've already made so much progress. I can't believe you guys are doing this all on your own

  2. I found your blog through Drea's. I clicked on your name. The after pictures are looking soo great.

    blog address is www.sunshinecoastkids3.blogspot if you are interested are coming over and taking a look

  3. it looks really fun having ur own home being able to remodel! I cant wait for that

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